This Is Not a Revolution

The 2016 election will certainly go down in U.S. history as one of the most bitterly fought and polarizing presidential contests to date. America looks and feels more divided along party lines than ever before. These fractures are not just between Democrats and Republicans but within the parties themselves. 

The Republicans, fresh off the Trump victory, feel the wind at their back and have patched things up for now. Theyre acting like their narrowly ekedout win was a landslide and they have a mandate for change. The fact is theyll now have to lead the country and will be held to account for every misstep.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are caught up in debating the bruising primary, the pros and cons of the candidates, potential Russian hacking, the FBI, Trump’s twitter antics, fake news, identity politics—the list of pitfalls goes on and on. The Democrats are caught up in issues that, while worth conversation and thought, possibly even some action, won't make a difference in the problems that got us here.

It's highly likely that the recounts which are about to start will not change the outcome of the election. I would be delighted to be wrong about that but I suspect we're looking at a minimum of two years of DT with a red majority in congress.

But consider this, even if Hillary had won we would still have a massive entrenched problem. The majority of our state legislatures, governors, and Congress are in the stranglehold of conservative legislators. Obama had two years with a supermajority in Congress and was barely able to pass the Affordable Care Act. Once Congress flipped, we basically watched the USAs legislative bodies become a glacier of infighting and posturing. Whats even more brilliant is how the purposeful inaction of the red majority was blamed repeatedly on Obama.

Thats why Code Blue's core mission is:

Rebuild a progressive voting majority in federal, state and local government

The fact is that the president and the executive branch of government have very little direct power over the day-to-day life of the average U.S. citizen. Our mayors, city councils, governors, state representatives and senators hold much more control over the laws that affect our everyday lives. Yet every four years, we work ourselves into a frenzy over one election and all those names down-ballot are an afterthought. 

This is where the real power in our government lies. Realizing this, many conservatives, like the Koch brothers, have been able to engineer a quiet takeover of our government by pouring money into the campaigns of red candidates and gerrymandering the district maps of the U.S. beyond recognition. This quiet takeover even has a name: Project Remap. Meanwhile, the public has been so enraptured the the roller-coaster ride of the national news cycle we didnt even notice or make an effort to fight back.

This needs to change and thats why Code Blue exists. 






M.J. Loheed