What's Up With My Hat?

Reposted from Nov 21, 2016

Quick rewind to the 2008 election when Palin said she was a "Real American." That always bugged the crap out of me. How dare anyone claim that they are more American than another? During this election Trump's supporters really acted like the U.S. was theirs and said that a lot of us don't belong here. They slapped the flag all over everything like they own it. The morning after the election I saw many folks post that they were ashamed to be Americans -- and I get that. I really do. It was a really terrible day. But I'm not going to let them steal America from me. They don't own America and they don't own the flag. Yesterday I went to the surplus store and bought this hat and flag patch and ironed it on. I'm not going let them make me feel bad for being an American. I wore this hat and I smiled at everyone I saw as wide as I could. I don't care what your heritage, ethnicity, sexual preference, gender identity, religion or age is. This country belongs to us all and so does our flag. Don't let anyone question your fundamental Americanness.

M.J. Loheed