First Lessons From "Ratf**ked"

I'm just two chapters into Ratf**ked by David Daley and I can already tell it is absolutely essential reading for members of Code Blue. In just the first 32 pages he has laid bare the agents of change who gerrymandered the stranglehold on our state governments. In addition, he has shown how good Americans let this happen, and that, my friends, is a bitter pill to swallow.

Overall, 48% of all registered voters identify as Democrats or lean Democratic compared with 44% who identify as Republican or lean toward the GOP.
— Pew Research Center

However, there are reasons to be optimistic as we forge a new healthy majority in our government. Number one? In the USA there are more democrats and progressive-leaning independents than red-leaning citizens, by far.  

Our biggest problem is turnout. When blue voters are not motivated or feel like their votes won't matter? We lose. Check out this excerpt:

Think about that. If we can turn out just 6% more than their side on the national level we can take back Congress. We've done that before and we can do it again.

But, let's drill down to the state level where we learn something even more essential. Our donated dollars go much much much further:

And at the state level our votes are much more powerful and absolutely critical:

Unfortunately, our blue-voting majorities have been sequestered into districts where they win big in a few areas and then lose the majority of districts in their states. Now our mission is clear: We must find districts that are on the bubble and find ways to increase our blue voter turnout.

If we can do that, we can burst those bubbles.