We have heard from Virginia and the results are not what we had hoped for. 

Groups like flippable and Code Blue “have been pushing very hard,” said Josh Stanfield, a liberal activist with a group called Activate Virginia. “My impression is there has been a national push for these three elections in Virginia.
— The Virginian Pilot

First, let us offer a hearty congratulations to Jennifer McClellan who won her senate seat in District 9 as projected! We look forward to sending many blue colleagues her way in November when we will have over 100 chances to win again.  Also, a reminder that Jennifer is leaving her seat in the VA House of Delegates open. So, prepare for another special election very soon!

Now, of course, we all had hoped that Cheryl Turpin and Ryant Washington would win their campaigns and are saddened by their loss. However, we can take heart in the fact that Code Blue and our allies were able to make these races far more competitive than were expected. I think it's safe to say we put a scare into the republicans in what they thought were going to be easy wins.

Know this! Both Cheryl and Ryant's campaigns expressed incredible gratitude for all your time spent phone banking. This allowed both campaigns to reallocate their local team into more boots on the ground. Also, both campaigns were able to out raise their republican competitors many times over. 

Democrat Ryant Washington, running in Central Virginia’s Senate District 22 against Republican Mark Peake and independent Joseph C. Hines, reported $31,711 in cash donations of $100 or less from 1,015 donors. In comparison, Peake reported 28 such donations totaling $2,055.
— The Virginian Pilot

So, in a few short weeks and with almost no time to prepare we helped these campaigns win the battles for finance and people power. Now we must develop better strategies and win this war for the hearts and minds of America.

Most importantly, we have learned a great deal about how we can help progressive candidates and this hard earned know-how is mission critical for Code Blue.  Additionally, we now have more data to crunch and analysis we can do so we can learn what worked and what did not in these campaigns. We will come away smarter and stronger than we were before.

In the mean time it would be easy to let these losses break the rhythm of our stride but this is not a sprint and we have only just begun our marathon.  

We must not let our American spirit be broken.  

We are Code Blue Nation and we Remain Undefeated.


M.J. Loheed