2017 Virginia House Of Delegates Focus Candidates

Hey Code Blue! We are ready to win some races here in Virginia! But no one wins without a top-notch crew, right? So, what do you say, are you ready to join a Blue Crew? 

These 13 Candidates are the Code Blue focus for the 2017 House of Delegates campaigns.  The races have been narrowed down from Virginia's 100 legislative races, to just thirteen, to focus our attention where we can make the most difference. We are choosing races that are getting a little less attention, where Code Blue specifically can exercise its muscle and effect change. Some are just farther from the Beltway (where there's less grassroots support), some are outside the "Hillary 17," and some are outright longshots. What they have in common are outstanding, hardworking candidates fighting good fights, in need of our help. 

Without further ado, here are the candidates:

  • Sheila Bynum-Coleman is running in district 62, an odd-shaped piece south of Richmond. Sheila is currently on the Virginia Board of Contractors, and has a long history of community organizing and volunteering. She ran for this seat in 2015. Hillary won 45% of the vote here in 2016, and Obama won 46% in 2012, so this one is a fight, but if there’s ever a year to make gains here, this is it. Sign up to Crew for Sheila here.
  • Lee Carter is running in district 50, in Prince William County, against Jackson Miller, who just lost in a race for county court clerk to Jacqueline Smith. Lee spent time in the Marine Corps fighting the “Global War on Terror” and providing aid to Haiti. He currently works as an IT specialist, and as a community activist. This district was won easily by Hillary in 2016, 53%, and Obama did as well in 2012. This is a must-win for the Democrats! Sign up to Crew for Lee here.
  • Joshua Cole is running in district 28, in Fredericksburg, Virginia, to fill the seat vacated by the retired House speaker. Joshua is an assistant pastor at the Union Bell Baptist Church. He also serves as a behavioral aid at the public school. He would be the first African American to represent Fredericksburg. Hillary won 45% of the vote in this district in 2016, as did Obama in 2012. Flippable has also picked up this race. Sign up to Crew for Joshua here.
  • Kelly DeLucia is running in district 96, in York County, along the York river, near Virginia Beach. Kelly is a real estate professional and has worked with and fundraised for numerous community youth groups. Clinton only won 40% of the vote in this district, and Obama 41%, so Kelly will need a phenomenal turnout of excited and engaged Democrats to win this longshot, but this is a fight worth waging, since the incumbent has been running unopposed for the past 10 years. Sign up to Crew for Kelly here.
  • Chris Hurst is running in district 12, near Virginia Tech University. Chris is a journalist, and former news anchor on a local television station—in 2015 his late-girlfriend and their cameraman were murdered on live television, shocking the country. Hillary narrowly won this district with 47%, and Obama won in 2012 with 50%, so this seat is ripe for the picking. Sign up to Crew for Chris here.
  • Angela Lynn is running in district 25, near the University of Virginia. Angela works as a higher education administrator, and ran for this seat in 2015. Since then, she has worked tirelessly in the fight for redistricting, and to bring discouraged rural voters back to the polls. Although Hillary only saw 35% of the vote in this district, there is a path to victory here by reaching out to and energizing these voters. Sign up to Crew for Angela here.
  • Cheryl Turpin is running in district 85, in Virginia Beach. She ran for this seat in a special election this past January, and with the help of Code Blue, came within 350 votes (and a snowstorm) of winning in a historically Republican area. Cheryl is a high school science teacher, and is hoping her name recognition and infrastructure from the special election will help propel her to a win this time around. Hillary obtained 46% of the vote in 2016 and Obama won by 49% in 2012. This race has also been picked up by Sister District. Sign up to Crew for Cheryl here.
  • Dawn M Adams is running in district 68 in Henrico County, outside Richmond. She has a DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) with a research focus on barriers to healthcare access, and has spent time with a nursing lobbyist. Dawn was the winner of a tough 3-way primary, and her district was won by 51% by Hillary Clinton in 2016. Sign up to Crew for Dawn here.
  • Larry Barnett is running in district 27 in Chesterfield County south of Richmond. He works in mental health services. Along with Dawn, Larry is actively involved in and supported by the grassroots group Liberal Women of Chesterfield County. Hillary earned 45% of the vote in this district. Sign up to Crew for Larry here.
  • Flourette Moore Ketner is running in district 7 in Roanoke. She is an active member of Indivisible New River Valley. Her district is largely rural, and she is fighting to bring broadband to the last remaining places in Virginia (where students currently have to go to the library to get on the internet to do their schoolwork). Hillary only won 31% of the vote here in 2016, but there are, in fact, enough progressives in this district to win if we get them out to vote. Sign up to Crew for Flo here.
  • Kellen Squire is running in district 58, gerrymandered out of having the University of Virginia inside, but including some beautiful parts of the Shenandoahs (but also the Trump Winery). Kellen is an ER nurse and an avid outdoorsman (obviously). He’s running against Rob Bell, a Trump buddy and the head of the Virginia GOP election committee. Hillary obtained 38% of the vote in this district. This would be a really big statement win for the Democrats. Sign up to Crew for Kellen here.
  • Kimberly Anne Tucker is in district 81 in Virginia Beach. She’s a grandmother, founded Indivisible 757 in her area, and is a retired educator. She earned more votes in the primary than the Republican incumbent did in the general election the last time he ran opposed! Hillary gained 36% of the vote here, but that may not indicate the potential in this race. Sign up to Crew for Kim here.
  • Tia Walbridge is running in district 33 in Northern Virginia on the border with Maryland. She’s a sheep farmer (really!) with great ties to her community. Her primary opponent outspent her 5:1, and yet Tia won handily. Hillary won 39% of the vote in this district, so given the swings we’ve seen all year, this race may be winnable. Sign up to Crew for Tia here.