Angela Lynn is running in District 25 near the University of Virginia.

Angela works as a higher education administration, and ran for this seat in 2015. Since then, she has worked tirelessly in the fight for redistricting, and to bring discouraged rural voters back to the polls. Although Hillary only saw 35% of the vote in this district, there is a path to victory here by reaching out to, and energizing, these voters.

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Describe the moment you decided to run for delegate: 

I decided to first run for office in 2015 after seeing our current delegate go repeatedly unchallenged. For multiple elections, he’d either had no opposition or a nominal challenger. I believe that for our democracy to truly function, both parties need to have a conversation and contest over every seat. Given my varied background in education, disaster management, and with numerous civic organizations, I believed I could advocate for the people of my district. 

After last cycle’s election, I felt a responsibility to stay involved with issues facing our area, like gerrymandering and stopping the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. When 2017 rolled around, I felt that the energy unleashed by the Presidential election created a tectonic shift in the political landscape, and that my knowledge of local groups such as Indivisible, combined with my experience campaigning in 2015, made me the best candidate to defeat Delegate Landes this fall.

What is the #1 issue you want to work on in the legislature?

The primary issue I believe our state is facing is the impact of gerrymandering on our state government. The redrawing of districts to consolidate one party’s power has ensured that the politicians in control will remain in power as long as they like. This has led not only to nearly unwinnable seats, but greater political polarization, poorer legislation within the General assembly, and a misrepresentation of the people’s interests. For example, Democrats have won all statewide elections since 2010, but only hold 34% of the House.

What is the worst thing about your Republican challenger?

My opponent routinely passes legislation that hurts many of our citizens. He voted for bills that would have required women to have invasive transvaginal ultrasounds before they could have an abortion and that allowed discrimination against LGBTQ communities. He also voted against a minimum wage increase and Medicaid expansion. In addition, he cast a decisive vote that prevented redistricting legislation from coming to a vote.

What is uniquely cool about your district?

The Central Virginia area is largely rural, but it’s the home of our flagship University—UVA—and the UVA Hospital, which is a major regional employer. Complementing the thriving downtown are our beautiful farmlands and forests.

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