KIMBERLY ANNE tucker is running in the 81ST DISTRICT  in Virginia Beach. She’s a grandmother, founded Indivisible 757 in her area, and is a retired educator. She earned more votes in the primary than the Republican incumbent did in the general election the last time he ran opposed! Hillary gained 36% of the vote here, but that may not indicate the potential in this race. Sign up to Crew for Kim here.

Describe the moment you decided to run for delegate.

My decision to run was incremental, I've had people telling me I should run for years, but my answer was always a resounding "Not I!"  Bernie Sanders said run, but I said "Not I!"  Barak Obama said grab a clipboard and run and I said, "Not I!" By February, after Donald Trump was inaugurated, I Michael Moore was being interviewed by Chris Hayes when he said that essentially running is a form of resistance. That's when I said where do I sign up?  

What is the #1 issue you want to work on in the legislature?

Medicaid expansion or Single Payer

What is the worst thing about your Republican challenger?

People don't know who he is.  There is no focus on constituent services and he seems to be more interested in serving the needs of his large donors and legislation that will benefit him personally ie, he used Virginia Beach's agricultural land preservation program to purchase and preserve his own land at tax payer expense. 

What is uniquely cool about your district?

We have a large rural population, large tourism and hospitality industry.  I would love to find a way to merge the two industries.  Of course we have urban suburban centers as well. There is just a good mix of diverse groups.


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