Chris Hurst is running in District 12 near Virginia Tech University.

Chris is a journalist, and former news anchor on a local television station—in 2015 his late-girlfriend and their cameraman were murdered on live television, shocking the country. Hillary narrowly won this district with 47%, and Obama won in 2012 with 50%, so this seat is ripe for the picking.


Describe the moment you decided to run for delegate.  I knew I wanted to run for Delegate after a series of moments: my television station laid off many of my friends and colleagues, I continued to reopen wounds by covering shootings and murders and Donald Trump's election all galvanized me to pursue public service.

What is the #1 issue you want to work on in the legislature?  I want to work on increasing transparency and accountability in office. I will fight for more disclosure for how legislators vote and from where they get their money. As a journalist, I think sunshine is always the best antiseptic.

What is the worst thing about your Republican challenger?  I am trying very hard to run a principled campaign without negative attacks. I wish my opponent were more accountable to the people he serves and to his position as a lawmaker.

What is uniquely cool about your district?  My district is split by the New River, ironically one of the oldest rivers in the world! As an active outdoors lover, kayaking the New and its creeks is incredible!

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