Tia Walbridge is running for office in District 33 is running in district 33 in Northern Virginia on the border with Maryland. She’s a sheep farmer (really!) with great ties to her community. Her primary opponent outspent her 5:1, and yet Tia won handily. Hillary won 39% of the vote in this district, so given the swings we’ve seen all year, this race may be winnable. Sign up to Crew for Tia here.

When did you decide to run for office?

The moment I decided to run was at a town hall meeting in Berryville, VA with the incumbent, Dave LaRock. I had been thinking about running for about a month, but this meeting was the final straw. One constituent stood up and asked LaRock what it would take for him to vote "no" on this year's bathroom discrimination bill. "If you get enough phone calls telling you they disagree with the bill, will you change your vote? Will you carry out the will of the people?" he asked. LaRock responded, "We don't live in a pure democracy, you know that sir. Please take notes on this. We live in a constitutional republic and the difference is that if I am elected, I can go and vote how I please." That was enough for me. 

What will be your biggest legislative priority when you're elected?

The number one issue I want to work on in the legislature is expanding Health Care access and affordability for all Virginians. 

What's the problem with your opponent?

Dave LaRock uses his power and authority as an elected official to bully his constituents.

What's the coolest part about your district?

We have a countryside that is still rural with many large farms as well as a growing small agro-business community and agro-tourism industry.  A network of rural entrepreneurs who own farms, small and large, wineries, breweries, bed and breakfast, and farm to table restaurants all working to support each other and maintain the rural heritage that makes this such an amazing place to call home. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tiawalbridgefordelegate/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tia4Delegate

Website: www.tiawalbridgefordelegate.com

Thunderdome Politics Podcast interview with Tia: http://thunderdomepolitics.com/podcast/episode-4-tia-walbridge/