WHAT'S AT STAKE? If the republicans win this district Connecticut's State Senate will remain deadlocked at 50/50. The Lt. Governor has already had to cast multiple tie-breaking votes. The only way democrats can retain their majority is with a win in this district. THAT'S INSANE! This would be yet another predominantly blue state being overrun and held back republicans. 


DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Full disclosure! This will be a very tough campaign to win. This is a very red district and this is Greg's 2nd run at this seat. In November he lost his bid for this seat by a wide margin. This seat is vacant because the incumbent republican Rob Kane accepted a special appointment. Eric Berthel a republican delegate has been tapped to take that seat over. Berthel is an experienced politician and is expecting to walk away easily with this one.

IF IT'S SO HARD WHY WORK THIS CAMPAIGN? Historical data is great at predicting the outcome of an election if we don't get involved. What is harder to see is how will taking action will change the outcome?  That's why Code Blue treats every campaign we work on as a chance to refine our approach and get better at pushing these campaigns across the goal line. In the short time we've been around we've already learned a lot! Look at the +23% net gain in voting we produced in the Minnesota -- Also, we can't win the game unless we're in the game.

It's also time to send a message to republicans -- You can't hide from your constituents and there are no longer any safe districts where you can coast to an easy win. 

ANALYSIS: Connecticut is a largely blue state but has a very very large population of unaffiliated voters.

State of CT Voter Affiliation 

  • 869,841 registered democrats
  • 492,224 republicans
  • 966,036 unaffiliated

More importantly note the District 32 Voter Affiliation

  • Approximately 44% of the registered voters in Greg's district are unaffiliated. Around 31% are R and 23% Dem.

We need to get those unaffiliated voters into Greg's camp and this mean we need to bring attention to this election. Code Blue needs everyone's help in bringing attention to this critical race and getting out the vote. Turn out in these local elections is usually 25-30% of the national election and the margin for a win is frequently a few hundred votes! Two recent examples: Virginia Beach, VA was decided by 370 votes and Chisago County, MI 462 votes! 


#1: Share this page!

#2: To Win We Need 500 Volunteers for the Cava campaign! Sign Up Here

#2: The Cava campaign has an audacious plan to make 65,000 get out the vote calls between now and election day!

Can you commit to making calls for Greg every day?

Every day we have amazing volunteers coming in the door and canvassing, or making calls, and we have people hosting phone banks here in the 32nd district and beyond! 

We are so grateful for the effort each and every one of you is putting in.

Our goals from last week have increased. We need to make 4,000 calls per day and we can't do it without your help

If each person commits to making at least 50 calls per day, we will not only hit our goal, but we will exceed it! We can make 65,000 calls

Can you commit to making at least 50 calls per day?

Click this link to commit to making 50 calls per day, and to receive our virtual phone bank list!

Also the Cava team is planning a big GOTV WEEKEND (Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday 25/26/27/28)

  • 8 staging locations throughout the district
  • 50 plus volunteers per location
  • phone banking and canvassing all four days

Thank you for your dedication, support and hard work!   -