Kelly DeLucia is running in District 96,  in York County, along the York river, near Virginia Beach. 

 Kelly is a real estate professional and has worked with and fundraised for numerous community youth groups. Clinton only won 40% of the vote in this district, and Obama 41%, so Kelly will need a phenomenal turnout of excited and engaged Democrats to win this longshot, but this is a fight worth waging, since the incumbent has been running unopposed for the past 10 years.

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Describe the moment you decided to run for delegate:

Three times in my life I have experienced devastation. After 9/11 I trusted that America would fight back and keep us safe in the future. After my mother lost her long battle with cancer I resolved to spend my life building a legacy of service as she did. Then Nov. 8th happened and frankly, I saw no clear way forward, and no way back. I was shocked, to say the least, and scared for many of the people I care about--we watched a hate-filled campaign succeed on the national level. I looked for ways I could effect real change in my community. I marched, I wrote my legislators, I helped build up local activist groups. But I found that so much of our work fell on deaf ears. That’s when it became clear: we need new ears. We have to elect new representatives that will actually listen to our concerns over the concerns of special interest groups. So, I went to the data, I researched my district, and I found that there was a clear path to victory. That’s when I knew I had to stand up and fight to protect my community.

What is the #1 issue you want to work on in the legislature?

I’m passionate about education. It’s the silver bullet that raises people out of poverty and creates better lives. I want to support and introduce legislation that improves our publics schools and gives kids a fighting chance in a competitive global economy.

What is the worst thing about your Republican challenger?

I believe we elect people to listen, work hard, and deliver results for their constituents. My opponent has spent a decade doing absolutely nothing for the average citizen in the 96th, all the while never having to fight for her position. She’s is either out-of-touch or simply doesn’t care. This district needs someone who is going to listen and then act. That’s what I intend to do when I get to Richmond.

What is uniquely cool about your district?
This district is just getting to know itself. Time and time again I encounter voters that would have sworn they were the only Democrat for miles just a few months ago. Now people are seeing for themselves what I found in the data: we have more than enough registered Democrats here to win. They’ve organized and stepped up in a way that I haven’t seen before and have begun work to create real change for their community. District 96 is awakening.

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