Our Vision

Restore democracy.


Code Blue Mission Statement

Code Blue’s mission is to create a progressive voting majority in federal, state, and local government.

Our Story

Code Blue, created in response to the 2016 election, is a coalition of motivated Democrats committed to helping elect candidates who best match our progressive values and who are most likely to vote with Democrats.

People Power

While other organizations often act as a fundraising engine for candidates, Code Blue has focused on assisting candidates through strategic field programs, putting boots on the ground and voices on the phone. With over 25,000 members, Code Blue has organized and energized a massive volunteer base. On a daily basis, we provide our members with action items - ways in which volunteers can help candidates, campaigns, or causes throughout the country, even if they are not physically in those states. Code Blue has also raised funds to hire paid canvassers to work full time in key districts across California, where our group was originally founded. 


Code Blue is focused on more than winning back seats in the November 2018 elections. Code Blue realizes that even if we are as successful as we hope to be on November 6th, come November 7th, we must be ready to defend our gains and increase them during the next election cycle. In an effort to start building a lasting Democratic majority, Code Blue focuses on two types of elections that we feel are often under supported - local and statewide races, and non top-tier races. 

Local & Statewide Races

Code Blue understands that we must rebuild our party from the bottom up, which means recognizing the importance of local and statewide races, and assisting Democratic candidates running for office at all levels. Right now, Republicans have the largest control of states in recent history, with 33 Republican governors and control of 32 state legislatures. Even worse, Republicans have secured 26 state government trifectas, which means they have control of both the legislative and executive branch in 26 states. Democrats hold state government trifectas in only 6 states. 

"State Party Composition."  National Conference of State Legislatures.  April 11, 2018, http://www.ncsl.org/research/about-state-legislatures/partisan-composition.aspx

"State Party Composition." National Conference of State Legislatures. April 11, 2018, http://www.ncsl.org/research/about-state-legislatures/partisan-composition.aspx

This is why we must start treating local and statewide races as high priorities. Code Blue is committed to educating people on the importance of so-called "down ballot" races, and providing help to Democratic candidates who are stepping up to create change in their communities. 

Not Just Top-Tier Races

Code Blue is committed to helping any Democratic candidate that we believe we can trust to stand up for our values. This means we are not only focusing on races that have been deemed the most flippable. Because Code Blue's goal is to achieve a long term and sustainable Democratic majority, we believe it's important to widen our focus to support all legitimate progressive candidates and begin to close the voter gap. We acknowledge that in many scenarios we may not win the seat back this cycle, but we will start building momentum so that we can win the seat back next cycle, or the one after that. And by supporting these candidates, we create opportunities to pick up more seats by forcing Republicans to compete even in so-called safe districts. We have helped create swings as high as 32 points, and set the stage for future wins. We are investing in candidates and districts long-term.

We must stop using history as a guide - the only way things stay the same, the only way red states stay red, is when we fail to compete and fail to show up. We can’t win the game if we’re not in the game. 

Join Us
Ready to rebuild a progressive majority? Ready to work for candidates that are fighting in every district across the country? Ready to change the electoral map? Then get in the game and join Code Blue!