Meet Joshua Cole

This weekend, standing on the very spot in Fredericksburg Virginia where slaves were sold before the Civil War, I visited with Joshua Cole, who hopes to be the first African-American to represent Fredericksburg in the Virginia House of Delegates. He told me why he's running, what issues are important to Fredericksburg, and what it's like to be a priest and run for office. I hope you'll watch his interview, take a look at his profile and his webpage, and support him in any way you can.



Feb 7 special elections!

This is the special election to fill the vacant seat left by Jennifer McClellan's move to the VA Senate following her January 10 special election win. 

Jeff Bourne has been the chairman of the Richmond School Board and is Deputy Attorney General for transportation, real estate and construction litigation for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Jeff is running against an Independent candidate and a Libertarian and this House seat is the one seat that prevents the Republicans from having a super-majority in the Virginia legislature, and being able to override Governor McAuliffe’s vetoes. So it is still really important that we make sure people do get out and vote for our guy!

For more information on Jeff: 

Here is the phone bank information for his campaign:

VIDEO: Interview with Candidate Cheryl Turpin of Virginia Beach

To watch Code Blue's first interview with Cheryl Turpin of Virginia Beach! Follow This link!

She's running for the VA House Of Delegates in the Jan 10 2017 special election. Learn more about how you can support Cheryl at her official website:

Official FB page:

Also, if you're out of state you can volunteer to phone bank here:


Abuse Charges Dropped for Republican Delegate

I've been following this story for a while now. This Republican delegate, Rick Morris, from the 65th district in Suffolk Virginia, was arrested in September for multiple counts of physical abuse and domestic violence towards his wife and stepson. Now, after the judge blocked all media from being present in the courtroom, the charges were all dropped and the transcripts sealed. Hmmm. I'm guessing this seat will be open in November.

When even a red district election is winnable

In a special election, in the dead of winter, in a small town in Virginia, turnout to elect someone to a state senate seat will be small. In fact, when I spend some time phone banking to the voters in these areas, at least 2/3rds don't even know that an election is scheduled. According to this article, only 14 people have sent in absentee ballots in this election so far. So, sure, this is a red district where Trump won easily. But, honestly, if our grassroots team calls enough Democrats in the district and makes sure they know to vote on January 10th in this special election (or earlier by absentee ballot), we can easily steal this one away from the Republicans.

Volunteer for Cheryl Turpin!

From Cheryl Turpin's campaign FB page:

4 weeks from today, the country will have their first election of the new year. This election is our best chance to show the Republicans that we won’t stop fighting for our values. Join our campaign today to sign up and volunteer!